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Sports Medicine

For the best in Sports Medicine, shop offers a full range of products that help with physical fitness and aid in the treatment and prevention of sports related injuries*. Unfortunately, anyone who has participated in sports or has exercised regularly has suffered from injuries. It comes with the territory. The question is, once it happens how to do treat these injuries. For minor injuries, the answer includes ice. Our brands include icing products from Ice20 and Pro Ice. Shop a variety of cold therapy wraps for the shoulder, back and hip, arm, elbow or knee, lumbar, neck, and other prone to injury in sports. There are special products for pitchers too. Whether it's a sprained ankle, a muscle strain, or a cramp, ice is often recommended as part of the 'PRICE' treatment protocol: (P)-Protect from further injury, (R)-Restrict activity, (I)-Apply Ice, (C)-Apply Compression, and (E)-Elevate the injured area.

*Get medical attention if:

  • -Deformities in the joint or bone are evident
  • -You cannot bear weight on a limb without it giving way
  • -There is excessive swelling -The skin changes in color beyond mild bruising
  • -You are not getting better after a few days of the above PRICE therapy.


At Sports Diamond, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. We want our customers to be satisfied and match the right gear to the right person.

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